Summer 2021 Newsletter

Shellmound Park Sprang from Miracles

STEWART HUNTINGTONDEC 27, 2020 Indian Country Today

A stone in a new Richmond, California, park that honors shellmounds left by the area’s First Peoples, carries a message that translates to, “Water is life” and “We’re still here.” (Photo by Masayuki Nagase)

I give all of that credit to these ancestors that pray for us for thousands of years on this land that are ready to have their story told in the way that it should be told

Corrina Gould, Tribal Spokeperson

‘On my ancestors’ remains’: The fight for sacred lands

Corrina Gould speaks at the 20th anniversary of the Emeryville Shellmound Protest, held each year on Black Friday [Allison Griner/Al Jazeera]

“We have never stopped being Lisjan.”

Corrina Gould, Tribal Spokeperson

Berkeley’s ‘Welcome’ Signs Acknowledge Ohlone Land and the Bay Area’s Original People

Berkeley unveils new city signage that says “Ohlone Territory.” (Devin Katayama/KQED)

“Berkeley unveiled new city limit signs this week that say “Welcome to the City of Berkeley – Ohlone Territory.”